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This week, Paul goes behind the curtain with Roslyn Kind…yes, she is Barbra Streisand’s sister but a force in her own right with an incredible voice and a passion for trying to replace the negativity in our country today with love and peace. The story beyind her newly recorded “Save the Country, “ now available on I-Tunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc. is discussed as well as her plans for the future. And yes, you will hear a beautiful duet sung by Rozzie and sister Barbra as we talk about their relationship. Making a difference in our world is her goal and she’s not giving up! Then, Carey Weiman a Skokie native had a vision for music and success that escaped his peers. But once he realized the town, city and country was ready for him to shake up the party scene, well, as they say, the rest is history. The history was explored in a new documentary seen recently on PBS called “The Disco King of Skokie,” and his story is an exciting one. Check him out on Facebook at Carey Weiman Presents, but first hear his story here….Sit back and relax and listen in on the conversations with two musical legends.