Paul goes Behind the Curtain with two Second City stars who appear in the current main stage production: “Do the Right Thing, No Worries if Not,” Evan Mills and Julia Morales. One of the funniest main stage shows in years, the show addresses the power of using proper pronouns, but with great humor and sensitivity, students getting into trouble in detention (a skit that involves the audience, and much more). How do the performers do their craft, what pitfalls do they face when interacting with the audience? Evan and Julia address it all. Plus, Evan is the co-writer of “Queer Eye: The Musical Parody,” and talks about why this production is different from a more typical classic Second City improv experience. The Main stage show is currently in an open run, and Queer Eye plays through August 28th. Tickets and more information can be found and purchased at: Two great talents in one really interesting interview. Check it out!