On this new podcast, Paul goes behind the curtain with Dr. Aaron Ozee, the creator of Regulus. Regulus was born in a children’s book and was subsequently developed into a successful animated film available on Amazon Prime. But beyond the book and movie, author Ozee believes in giving back and has found ways to reach out to fans in a personal way, as well as assist in efforts like those in Ukraine, to make life a bit easier and more fun for others. Ozee is a bestselling poet and children’s author who is one of Chicago’s Very Own. Check out this interview into his latest work and philosophy.

Aaron’s books are available on Amazon.com and his movie on Amazon Prime. You can check out Regulus merchandise out at www.ozeemerch.com and Ozee at www.Aaronozee.com. You can follow him on most social media as @AaronOzee, but on Instagram, as @AuthorAaronOzee

You can watch the video of this interview by clicking above or listen there as well, or anywhere where you get your podcasts.