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This week, Paul goes behind the curtain with author Richard Keith to discuss his new book “Prison Clown,” exploring the years he spent in federal prison for what most would consider to be no crime at all. Richard is joined by Criminal Defense Attorney Gal Pissetzky (Pissetzky Law Firm) who keeps things real with his experience of representing many people who have to deal with the criminal justice system.  Keith was in the business of rehabbing homes on Chicago’s south side to sell them and provide a better home experience to lower income Chicagoans. But his efforts to protect the properties were not enough to keep thieves from stealing everything from furnaces down to the wire in the walls; although he took steps to protect the properties and his customers, to the feds, that was enough to constitute violating the law;  and once the feds want you, there’s no way out. Hear the unfortunate experience of a nice guy made to pay an unfair price so the system could use him as an example, and some amazing insights into life in a federal prison camp and why you never want to violate even the simplest rule for fear of being sent to “The Hole.” An amazing story  which teaches the lesson: while you think it could never happen to you, any one of us could become the target of the federal government and when they want you, they will likely get you. Order “Prison Clown” at or on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Plus check out the work and services of defense attorney Gal Pissetzky at