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This week, Paul goes behind the curtain for some great theater and an important upcoming luncheon event. “Southern Gothic,” at the Windy City Playhouse is a unique, immersive theater experience that puts the audience into the action, on the set and even enjoying the food and drink the cast is having. Playwright Leslie Liautaud, Director David Bell and actress Carlye Pollack (Suzanne) all join Paul to talk about the kind of theater experience Chicago has never experienced before…one you will NOT want to miss! Then, the classic songs “Candy Man” and “Pure Imagination” come to life again in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” presented by Broadway in Chicago at the Oriental Theater. Meet choreographer Joshua Bergasse who talks about how the magic of the movie will translate to the stage. Finally, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum hosts it’s 25th Anniversary with a luncheon on October 15th at the Sheraton Grand Hotel. Always a powerful event, Paul speaks with two of the honorees at this year’s event, Father John Pawlikowksi, Author Peter Hayes and Museum Executive Director Jill Weinberg. Tickets can be purchased at: Tune in!