On this podcast, Paul goes behind the curtain with entertainment authority and author Shawn Levy (“Rat Pack Confidential,” “The Castle on the Sunset” and “King of Comedy”) to discuss his latest book, “The Original Queens of Stand-Up Comedy: In On the Joke.” Today, women in stand-up comedy are nothing unusual and many are successful. But the road to today was long and challenging. Shawn talks in-depth about the careers of the female legends of comedy from Moms Mabley to Minnie Pearl and Totie Fields to Joan Rivers. He explains the special challenges facing women to compete in a male dominated profession. You may also learn about some comedians you never heard of before but will want to check out.

The conversation is fascinating and if you are a fan of comedy, it’s one not to be missed. You can get the book on Amazon or wherever books are sold. And you can watch the video by clicking on the link, and can listen to the audio the same way, or by listening on your favorite podcast venue, or even by asking Alexa to “Play Paul Lisnek Behind the Curtain….” Enjoy!