This week, Paul goes behind the curtain with an actress whose extensive credits on stage and screen belong to a face familiar to everyone. You know her as Marie Slaughter, writer Murray’s wife on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” but she also appeared in almost every other sitcom or drama you can think of over the past decades. From the movie “Airplane” and “The Happiest Millionaire,” to stints on The Match Game, Joyce Bulifant recounts her career and life in her new autobiography “My Four Hollywood Husbands.” Married to Hawaii 5-0’s James McArthur, and I Love Lucy/Bewitched director William Asher among the four, the last one being the love of her life; Her life has been fascinating and include having to deal with significant challenges with alcoholism in her relationships. Through her story, the readers will learn about her life but most importantly take away important information and suggestions that got her, and will get you, through the tough times. Truth is, Joyce is as charming and wonderful as the characters she has played. Check out this interview and certainly read her book, “My Four Hollywood Husbands,” available now on Watch above or listen below!