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This week, Paul goes behind the curtain with law Journalist (CNBC, Fox) and Professor Stanley Goldman who wrote a book on his Mother’s experiences and struggle to survive a life in the death camps of Nazi Germany.  In “Left to the mercy of a Rude Stream,” Goldmans mother’s life was spared by Nazi Heinrich Himmler and her getting saved lead to the suicide death of Adolph Hitler. How does Stan feel about Holocaust deniers, FDR’s failure to bomb the tracks to stop the death trains from going to the camps, and how years of research led him to tell the story his Mother rarely would even discuss. The book is well written, well documented and riveting in details and story. The book is available on ( and you can learn more about him at Check out the story and the book…it’s a sad chapter of human history, but one in which the strong and strong willed sometimes survived….along with some luck….to guide their fate.