On this podcast, Paul goes behind the curtain with legendary host of the TV game show Hollywood Squares, Peter Marshall. Now 96 years old, Peter has so many stories to share about the very popular game show and he doesn’t hold back! Who he liked, who he did not like, he talks about it all. Funnyman Paul Lynde was actually a tragic figure, and Wally Cox? You’ll never guess who his roommate and best friend was! Really….you’ll never guess…..but Peter tells us. This is a wonderful look back, and Peter’s Son also chimes in? Who is he? Well ask your nearest Cubs fan! You can read about Peter Marshall’s life in his book: “Backstage with the Original Hollywood Square,” available on line. And Peter also encourages you to check out the videos for “Hollywood Museum Squares,” a wonderful visit to the Hollywood Squares to raise money in support of the The Hollywood Museum. Check it out at this link: https://www.stellartickets.com/o/the-hollywood-museum/events/the-hollywood-museum-squares-all-star-benefit-series