In this new podcast, Paul goes behind the curtain with the lead cast members of “Dear Evan Hansen” playing at the James Nederlander Theatre through December 31st

Anthony Norman (Evan Hansen) is a Chicago native known for his work at Paramount and Marriott Lincolnshire Theatres among others and Pablo Laucerica (Jared Kleinman, Evan’s friend) now lives in Chicago and both actors bring warmth and authenticity to their performances. The show is about today’s struggle with being a teenager in America, complete with complicated relationships and parental pressures. They go in-depth on their roles and share the power of the show. Check out the chat and don’t miss Dear Evan Hansen…you only have until December 31st….tickets at:


Dear Evan Hansen is a gripping and fully engaging story that from it’s opening moments, had me…For Forever.

This story touches so many human emotions that it’s truly a must see for every parent and teenager who work to survive in our challenging times. The power of social media, the struggles to survive, and the flawed nature of every character in this show are a true reflection of America today. I saw parents embracing their children during the Curtain call.  This show reminds us that every struggling young person who may feel lost today, needs to know that through the love of family, they will be found…for forever.

Do not miss this extraordinary and realistic story of today’s family struggles….I’ve seen the show over 6 times, and I’m going back!