In this new podcast, Paul goes behind the curtain with Shannon Tauschman, General Manager and Resident Historian, for the landmark Chicago restaurant, Chicago Firehouse. This landmarked location was actually a Firehouse built in 1905 as Engine Company 104 to protect the well-to-do home owners of Prairie Avenue such as The Pullman Marshall Field Families among others. The interior incorporate tiles made by Tiffany! It’s an amazing place to enjoy a meal in the center of a historic Chicago location, while enjoying the signature steaks, Lobster Bisque and many other meals to fit any palate. In fact, Former President George W. Bush selected this restaurant as the location to celebrate his 60th birthday… and Shannon shares a lot of interesting details about that special night.

Shannon talks about the history of the location and gives some insight into the most popular meals one can enjoy.

Chicago Firehouse is located at 1401 S. Michigan Ave in the Pullman District. Reservations and information can be found online:  or by calling: 312-786-1401.

Paul Lisnek Behind the Curtain

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