In this Podcast, Paul goes behind the curtain with the cast and creative of Timeline Theatre’s production of “Campaigns, Inc.” Playwright Will Allan, Director Nick Bowling, and lead actors Tyler Meredith (playing campaign strategist Leone Baxter) and Anish Jethmalani (playing author Upton Sinclair. It’s the true account of the California Governor’s race in 1934 which pitted then Governor Frank Merriam against well known author Upton Sinclair (they guy who wrote “The Jungle” that you read in high school). It’s a true story that gave birth to campaign strategists, smear campaigns and arguably, Fake news!

The Show is amazing and the set and other design elements of the show are truly stunning. Here is my review of the play:

My Review of the production:

Campaigns, Inc. is an historic look at a California Gubernatorial campaign from 1934, but the truth is, this story could be about the elections of 2016, 2020 or even 2024. It’s funny, biting, and startling to watch the lengths campaign operatives and candidates will go to in order to claim victory.

Values? Principles? Ethics? They are all out the window when  all that matters is success on election night. What makes this production especially interesting to watch are the details incorporated to set the show and carry the audience into 1934. From the opening show credits which run as a black and white movie screen to the authentic lights and radios, the Timeline Theatre Company has once again presented history in a way that makes it incredibly relevant to today.

Many people may not know that the famous author Upton Sinclair (you know, the author of The Jungle that you read in high school?) ran for governor of California and that his campaign was assisted by none other than silent screen legend Charlie Chaplin. It all looks like fiction, but true to history it is! And the audience ate it up.

You will find yourself wanting to immediately begin researching the events to learn more about this election of the past, and most important to Timeline, you will talk with your fellow theater goers about how realistic the play is to the campaigns of today.


Campaigns, Inc plays thru September 25th and tickets can be purchased at: or by calling 773-281-8463.