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This week Paul goes behind the curtain in the world of politics. Only hours after the midterm elections, President Trump fires his attorney general, takes on the Press, and the landscape in the world of the Russia investigation seems to be taking on a different shape. Author/TV/radio commentator Bill Press (author of the new book “Trump Must Go”) chimes in with his take on the impact of democrats taking over the House of Representatives, what the firing of Attorney General Sessions means for the ongoing Russia investigation and more. Then DePaul Professor Ben Epstein (author of “The Only Constant is Change) talks about the power of the media and what the current administration’s attacks on the media in that recent press conference that got CNN’s Jim Acosta banned from the White House press corp means in our society as the country gets ready for some significant political and legal challenges coming up. If you have been following the events of the week, you will really enjoy this week’s analysis of current events and their implications. Tune in!