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Paul Lisnek is a political and theater guy: an interesting combination, but one that rarely gets light shed on it and that is Paul’s mission. As a theater and political analyst, Paul will dive into a plethora of subjects that will tie together and local Chicago roots all the way to international occurrences, starting with the the following…

Beth Schaeffer is a political comic book author – sound strange? Well it’s stuff that might just become reality based on how the current political race is going. Beth wrote, “Trump for Principal and Secret Agent Hillary” as her first political comic book released in April 2016. Paul talked with Beth about her recent comic book with Hilary Clinton as a private investigator and Donald Trump as a school principle and how it reflects the political scene of the day.

The story of Paul’s little Schnauzer, Mertz, starts at the very important Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago. 117 years ago, the Anti-Cruelty Society started about the concern for the work horses that helped Chicago move forward and they are still helping animals to this very day. David Dinger is the Vice-President of the ACS and strives every day to helping pets and potential owners connect and also provide a safe place for all kinds of animals.