On this new podcast, Paul goes behind the curtain with filmmaker Alexander Liu (@alexanderxliu) to discuss his new multi-award winning film: “A Sexplanation.” Having grown up in a family and culture where the discussion of sex was taboo, and acknowledging his own homosexuality, Alex decided it was time to document the realities of what is and is not being taught regarding understanding the topic of sex. In the film, Alex talks with researchers and friends, but also sits down with his own parents and grandmother, a Republican politician and even a priest…all of whom open up about sex and what is right and wrong about it in our society.

The latest project of a filmmaker who also created the very Bold series “Jaded” and “Science of Sin,” which has enjoyed over 16 million views.

You can watch A Sexplanation on Amazon, ITunes, YouTube or the Fuse Network. Check out it’s website at: www.asexplanation.com, and you can check out all of Alex’s work with his company Herra Productions at: www.herraproductions.com. Most importantly, don’t forget to follow Alex at @alexanderxliu, his handle across all social media platforms.