Paul goes Behind the Curtain with the star and director of “American Psycho The Musical,” which has been exciting audiences at the Chopin Studio Theatre and plays until November 26th. Kyle Patrick’s portrayal of Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale in the movie) has received RAVE reviews from critics. His performance is so iconic that it’s likely going to be connected with Kyle for a long time to come…he’s THAT good….Also joining is Director Derek Van Barham (who is also Producing Artistic Director of Kokandy Productions). Derek directed huge Chicago hits with the recent Sweeney Todd and the Stephen Schwartz musical “Children of Eden”(presented by Broadway in Chicago). Together, Kyle and Derek talk about this unique production presented in a challenging theatrical space where they opted to use a runway stage, and how a sense of satire true to the novel can be created in a story essentially about murder, greed and ego….or IS that what the show is about?? Including music of Phil Collins and Huey Lewis, this is one fun and intriguing production.

This is a production you do not want to miss….and it plays only through November 26th at the Chopin Studio Theatre on 1543 W. Division St.