No Coast Cinema Ep. 12 | Eddie Muller, Film Noir Foundation

No Coast Cinema

Noir City Chicago runs August 25th-31st at the Music Box Theatre

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This week on No Coast Cinema, hosts Tom Hush and Conor Cornelius step into the seedy world of Private I’s and femme fatales as they talk with Eddie Muller, founder and president of the Film Noir Foundation. They discuss the history and influence of film noir as well as why film noir remains a popular style of film even today.

Director David Holcombe of Soft Cage also returns to the show to talk about cinema of resistance, including The Battle of Algiers, Rome Open City and Do The Right Thing. Tom, Conor and David comment on the powerful nature of movies depicting the fight against oppression and how they can influence the real world.

Tom and Conor also talk about The Walking Dead’s profit sharing controversy, the business behind MoviePass and the potential end of the deal between Disney and Netflix.

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