Mollie and Pete Save Christmas: ‘I love ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ but there is always a point where I’m ready for it to be over’

Mollie and Pete Save Christmas

It’s a Wonderful Life at the drive-in, Chicago, IL. 12-19-20

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Welcome to the 2020 season of Mollie and Pete Save Christmas! In this podcast, Mollie Green and Pete Zimmerman break down the various holiday-themed movies and television shows that they consumed over the previous couple weeks. On this episode, Mollie and Pete talk about “Unlocking Christmas.” Pete and Mollie also talk about their trip to the drive-in to see “It’s a Wonderful Life,” a Zoom Festivus party and some disgruntled Etsy shoppers.

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Mollie and Pete Save Christmas MollieAndPete

Christmas enthusiasts Mollie Green and Pete Zimmerman take a deep dive into Hallmark Christmas movies.