Mason Vera Paine: Why So Many Reboots?

Mason Vera Paine
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Over the past few months networks have been rebooting and re imaging television series. Many of these reboots have not been doing well. For example Murphy Brown had more hype building up to its return, but the actual return was not so good. The 1985 hit MacGyver was rebooted in 2016 and its ratings are not that good either. In the latest series of reboots the 1998 hit Charmed was rebooted. When it premiered on October 14 it averaged 1.5 million viewers. On October 21 it had 1.3 million, 1.1 million on October 28 and by November 4 it had 959,000 viewers. Each week the viewers get fewer and fewer. So why so many reboots?

Reboots try to spark nostalgia and the problem is that they don’t stick to the formula that made the show a hit. For example the original Charmed was about family so is the reboot but it tends to deviate from it.  Many reboots consist of just the name of the show and nothing more. It is like writers and producers spend so much time trying to recreate the spark and fire that the original program had; they instead should cultivate original content that reflects modern taste. Reboots are about nostalgia and its unfortunate that they do not live up to the original nor come close. As much as I love the nostalgia train I think it is time to get off.

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