The Legal Face-Off Supreme Court panel, Cook County soda tax, Charlie Gard, Venus Williams and much more.

Legal Face-Off

Rich, Tina and Tanya Triche

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Rich and brand new Legal Face-Off co-host Christina Martini welcome the Legal Face-Off Supreme Court Panel, featuring former Supreme Court clerks Professor Carolyn Shapiro and Andy DeVooght to discuss significant decisions at the end of the term, what we have learned so far about new Justice Neil Gorsuch and whether Justice Kennedy will retire.

Illinois Retail Merchant Association Vice President and General Counsel Tanya Triche joins the show at WGN Studios to discuss breaking news involving her organization’s lawsuit against the Cook County soda tax.

Much Shelist attorney Bob Morgan then joins the show to discuss his run for the 58th House District in Illinois.

Finally, in the always popular Legal Grab Bag segment, Tina and Rich discuss the latest on the legal proceedings involving Charlie Gard, the wrongful death suit against Venus Williams, the failure of Illinois workers’ compensation legislative reform, Shia LaBeouf and much more.

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