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Illinois Representative and former Illini defensive end Kam Buckner joins Rich and Tina to talk about his proposed name, image and likeness legislation awaiting Governor Pritzker’s signature.

Keller Lenkner Managing Partner Travis Lenkner discusses the latest in a class-action lawsuit filed against Amazon involving Alexa and its alleged recording and storing of users’ personal information.

Bryce Downey & Lenkov Founding Partner Storrs Downey joins the show to talk about the latest in employment news, including addressing mental health conditions in the workplace in the wake of the Naomi Osaka headlines.

In the Legal Grab Bag, Tina, Rich and Joe are joined by Skip and Josh podcast host Avi Sherman and Rebel Lash & Brow Studios founder Gianna Carpanzo to talk about the latest with Central Park Karen, wild NBA fans, Dersh vs. Netflix, F. Lee Bailey tribute, Zoom hijinks, and much more.