Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz joins Legal Face-Off to discuss the latest with the Trump and “Rust” investigations and his new book “The Price of Principle.”

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Lecturer, Fraud Risk and Financial Crimes Specialist and former FBI Agent David Shapiro discusses the latest developments in the Trump investigation and Mar-a-Lago raid.

Adelman Law Group, PLLC Founder Steve Adelman discusses the Medusa Festival stage collapse in Spain.

Geragos & Geragos attorney Dan Lust joins Rich and Tina to discuss the latest with LIV Golf and Deshaun Watson.

In the Legal Grab Bag, Tina, Rich and Joe are joined by Northern Illinois University General Counsel Bryan Perry and Coaches Management Group’s Howard Shatsky to discuss the latest with Trump, the fake Hamilton and Edgerton, Alec Baldwin and “Rust,” the Little Big Man, and much more.