Chicago man exonerated, Making a Murderer reporters, Supreme Court cases, Ted Cruz and much more in this edition of Legal Face-Off!

Legal Face-Off

Legal Face-Off

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  • Rich and Jason dive into Making a Murderer with two of the reporters who covered the trials, Tom Kertscher, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Emily Matesic, WBAY-TV.
  • They are then joined by Professor Josh Tepfer from Exoneration Project to discuss the recent release of Ben Baker, who served 10 years in a Chicago jail for a crime he didn’t commit.  Professor Tepfer and his colleagues were able to get Baker’s conviction overturned after a veteran Chicago police officer pled guilty to stealing drug money
  • They then welcome Chicago Daily Law Bulletin reporter Laura Wood to discuss the breaking news about a high profile case in which a 25 million dollar settlement was vacated after alleged impropriety by one of the attorneys involved.
  • Finally, in the popular Legal Grab Bag, Jason and Rich tackle a Beastie Boys lawsuit, recent Supreme Court cases and Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run as president.

All this and more in an another action-packed episode of Legal Face-Off on WGN Plus.

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