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Clifford Law Offices Partner Jack Casciato joins Legal Face-Off to discuss his representation of the family of Austin McEwen, who died in the Edwardsville Amazon warehouse collapse that was hit by a tornado on December 10.

University of Alabama School of Law Professor Jenny Carroll discusses the significant court delays resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

University of Memphis Associate Professor of Music Theory Jeremy Orosz talks about the copyright lawsuits filed against Dua Lipa.

Chuhak & Tecson Principal Lindsey Paige Markus discusses her new estate planning book “A Gift for the Future: Conversations About Estate Planning.”

In the Legal Grab Bag, Tina, Rich and Joe are joined by KPM Law Managing Partner, Restaurant & Retail Litigation Group’s Brian Cafritz and Stricklin & Associates’ Norma Fuente the Florida abortion ban, the David Copperfield lawsuit, Santa Ana Karen, Depp v. Heard, Bam Margera’s Jackass lawsuit, and much more.