Bowman and Honig on Trump’s Georgia call, Gillers on Barr, Whelan on Barrett and Soble on vaccinating inmates

Legal Face-Off

Tina Martini & Rich Lenkov

CNN Legal Analyst Elie Honig and Missouri Law Professor Frank Bowman discuss whether Trump broke the law in his phone call to Georgia election officials.

NYU School of Law Professor Stephen Gillers discusses Attorney General Barr’s legacy and his potential successor.

Public Ethics and Public Policy Center President and former Scalia clerk and co-editor Ed Whelan discuss Judge Barrett’s first few months on the Supreme Court.

Illinois Prison Project Executive Director Jennifer Soble discusses providing the Covid vaccine to inmates.

In the Legal Grab Bag, Producer Matt Bubala and NIU College of Law Clinical Associate Professor Colleen Boraca join Rich and Tina to discuss breaking legal news including the SoHo Karen, Trump’s attorney Lin Wood, the lawsuit involving the Prince estate and a porn star acting as her own attorney.

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