Bloom on Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew, Olson on Chicago Crime, Vinicky on 2022 Illinois Laws, and much more

Legal Face-Off

Tina Martini & Rich Lenkov

The Bloom Firm Founder and Owner Lisa Bloom joins Legal Face-Off to discuss the latest news with the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict and the sexual assault case against Prince Andrew.

Loyola University Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology Professor David Olson discusses the uptick in crime in Chicago.

WTTW Chicago Tonight correspondent Amanda Vinicky joins Rich and Tina to discuss highlights of the nearly 300 new Illinois laws in effect as of January 1.

In the Legal Grab Bag, Tina, Rich and Joe are joined by Strom Yen Attorney Lindsey Strom and media personality, producer and owner of “The Whitney Reynolds Show” and philanthropist Whitney Reynolds to talk about the latest with the Trump civil and criminal investigations, Prince Andrew’s legal battle, the Princess of Dubai $720 million divorce settlement, the Nirvana baby lawsuit, and much more.

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