Badger on COVID-19 commercial property insurance coverage, Rubino on law firm salary reductions and layoffs, McDonald on must-see law movies, and much more

Legal Face-Off

Tina Martini & Rich Lenkov

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Zelle LLP partner Steven Badger joins Rich and Tina to discuss whether commercial property insurance applies in the wake of the coronavirus.

Above the Law Senior Editor Kathryn Rubino discusses how firms are addressing staffing issues and cost cutting due to the COVID-19 economic downturn. film critic Patrick McDonald takes the LFO crew on a tour through some of Hollywood’s best legal movies of all time.

In our second home office edition of the Legal Grab Bag, Tina, Rich and Sam are joined by Fretzin, Inc. President, author and business development expert Steve Fretzin to discuss breaking news regarding divorce, crime and domestic violence in the wake of the pandemic, the Tampa Bay pastor under arrest for hosting church services, fantasy sports players suing MLB, LeBron James’ tats and much more.

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