Alan Dershowitz on Obama Iran deal and Trump, Jared Fogle update and more in this week’s Legal Face-Off

Legal Face-Off

Legal Face-Off

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In this week’s Legal Face-Off, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz discusses Donald Trump’s proposal to deport children of undocumented workers. Professor Dershowitz also makes headlines by accusing the Obama Administration of a cover up in the Iran nuclear deal.
Noted employment lawyer Maital Savin then joins the show to discuss the legal implications of working conditions at Amazon and also college athletes’ attempts to unionize.
In the Legal Grab Bag, Jason & Rich report on their coverage of the Michael Jordan infringement case. They also analyze whether Subway is liable for Jared Fogle’s crimes, among other hot legal topics. All this and more in this week’s edition of Legal Face-Off on WGN Plus!

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