When Is A Father’s Job Done, “Father of the Year” Candidates Mr. Kane and Ms. Jenner?

Jones and Mike

Jones and Mike

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With Kardashian birthday girl, Kylie Jenner, going off the rails Jones is losing his…watch out now! Never having held a solid opinion, positive or negative, of one Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, Jones expresses his distain for Cait due to her shortcomings as a parent as he asks the question, where is Kylie’s father? Looking for Caitlyn to step up to the plate on her fatherly duties Jones points to NHL legend, Wayne Gretzky, as an example of a man who stepped up when his daughter needed adult intervention. On the topic of those that are going off the rails, the guys close out the show by discussing Patrick Kane, and the stories that are swirling around both he and his alleged victim.



Show Highlights:


01:06 – Jones reveals his hatred of Caitlyn Jenner and her dereliction of duty as a father.


08:38 – Jones and Mike discuss the selfish nature of Bruce/ Caitlyn Jenner.


19:32 – Jones points to NHL Hall of Famer, Wayne Gretzky, as a shining example of a father who stepped up to the plate.


30:31 – The guys discuss the saga of Patrick Kane…is Pat’s father any different then Kylie Jenner’s?

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