What is So Inappropriate About Cultural Appropriation?

Jones and Mike
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It’s Jones’s favorite time of year as hordes of hibernated Chicagoans emerge from the cold, don their kilts and Irish walking caps, and culturally appropriate their way to their nearest Irish watering hole and proceed to drink themselves into oblivion. While Jones takes no offense to cultural appropriation, he is well aware that he is surrounded by people that are gravely concerned with its ills, and he would like to know…why so serious? Continuing along the track of people’s feelings the guys discuss Women’s Appreciation Day and Jones wants to know if it is really necessary for entire groups of people to feel appreciated.

Show Highlights:

00:01:06 –The guys discuss cultural appropriation on St. Patrick’s Day.
00:13:52 –Are there cultures that people won’t appropriate?
00:33:30 – Jones wonders why everyone needs to feel appreciated.

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