The ‘Hidden Chicago’ PBS Won’t Show You: Guns on the El & The Animatronic Harold Washington

Jones and Mike

Jones and Mike

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Mike comes across an article on that bills Chicago as a world-class city. Finding himself in agreement with just about 95% of the article Mike stops reading when he comes across a series of statements that sings the praises of a non-violent Chicago…a fairy tale city by the lake that in Mike’s eyes doesn’t exist. Launching into a discussion about urban violence and crime Jones discusses his weekend in Uptown with his city dwelling friends as they all sat around together sharing stories about their experiences with gun violence, crack cocaine and gang wars…Sweet Home Chicago!



Show Highlights:

01:07 – Jones confesses to his fear of the animatronic Harold Washington at the DuSable Museum.

08:39 – An article in dismisses the amount of violence that actually happens in the city; Mike questions this dismissal and Jones details the violence that he is surrounded by every day in Chicago.

19:39 – Jones matches various forms of criminal activity to particular neighborhoods in the city of Chicago.

30:59 – Jones talks about a crack head bleeding out on a residential street in Uptown.

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