The Dean of Obscene, Charlie Sheen, What To Do When Asked ‘What Do You Do?’, and Rock Robot Sheds Royal Blood

Jones and Mike

Jones and Mike

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Charlie Sheen comes clean on being HIV positive and Mike wants to know, “why all the Sheen love?” Earlier in the same week that Sheen sat down with Matt Lauer on the Today Show to make his HIV announcement Jones and Mike hear about the passing of their old Dean of Discipline, Mr. Brazen and Mike opines for the days when being an honest man really stood for something. Speaking of being men, Jones and Mike discuss the best way to introduce yourself at a party, and the guys attempt to create new pickup lines and intros. Meet Jones…he is a millionaire maker and bestower of dreams!


Show Highlights:

01:05 – Mike is HIV negative…and Charlie Sheen admits that becoming HIV positive was, “his bad.”

08:50 – Mike reminisces about learning discipline from his old high school Dean of Discipline, Mr. Brazen. And Jones and Mike debate the value of positive and negative reinforcement.

31:07 – Rock Robot sings the praises of Royal Blood. And the Jones and Mike discuss the best way to introduce yourself at a party.

47:02 – The guys discuss their best pickup lines and intros.

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