Is Testosterone Our Greatest Resource? And What’s Up With Joe Biden?

Jones and Mike
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Jones and Mike debate if the world would be a better place if women ruled it. Now placing a premium on testosterone, Jones doubts the possibility that women could turn the world into a better place. Though the guys find themselves asking, “What men are now worthy of leadership as men’s T counts are plummeting?” In an effort to keep his T in check Jones purchases a water pillow that he claims has changed his life. And the guys close out the show wondering if there is a family that is creepier than Joe Biden’s.


Show Highlights:

00:01:07 – Would the world be better off if it were run by women?

00:11:34 – Are modern men shirking their masculine duties?

00:34:48 – Jones purchases a pillow that he claims has changed his life.

00:51:02 – The guys discuss, former VP, Joe Biden’s creepy son, Hunter, and his new girlfriend…his widowed sister-in-law.

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