Donald Trump is the President-elect and it’s Unbeeelieeevable!!!!!

Jones and Mike

Jones and Mike

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Donald Trump is the President-elect and the guys, to quote millennials everywhere, are all “we can’t even!” As the news of Trump’s pending victory hits the newswires Jones drives out to the south side of Chicago in search of protests…and finds nothing but disappointment. Discussing the results of the election Jones unleashes his fury on Mike as he talks about voting for Trump, an event he, a passionate non-voter, considers a betrayal. Speaking of betrayal Jones flips the script on Mike and participates in a Donald Trump protest and Mike wants the details of how this unseen turn of events happened. And finally, the guys postulate what a Trump presidency will look like, and also what led Trump to even pursue the Oval Office in the first place.



Show Highlights:

00:01:07 – Donald Trump is the President-elect and it’s unbeeeeeelllllllliiiiiiieeeeeeevvvvvvvaaaaabbbbbbllllllleeeeeee!!!!!

00:16:45 – Why are Hillary supporters so inconsolable? Are they over-reacting or are they justified?

00:43:50 – Jones tells Mike about inadvertently participating in a Trump protest.

01:09:04 – Why did a man that had it all, give it up, to become the POTUS?

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