07/28/15: Two of Chicago’s Age Old Debates Rage On : North Side vs. South Side, and Who’s Creepier Than Chet Coppock?

Jones and Mike

Jones and Mike

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The guys take in the first episode of Chet Coppock’s new podcast and their ears will never be the same, trust us, he’s creepy, he’s very, very creepy.  Discussing all things creepy Jones tells Mike about going to a Sox game at US Cellular Field, and the experience has him wondering why there is such a difference between the northside and southside of Chicago… Mike, on the other hand, simply yearns to move to Yorkville. Finally, the guys go beyond the simple differences between the north and southside of Chicago, and discuss how different we Americans are from our European counter parts.


Show Highlights:


01:09 – The guys get creeped out while listening to Chet Coppock’s first podcast, and Jones wonders why there is such a difference between the northside and southside.


15:05 – Returning to what creeps him out most, Mike talks about Cosby’s drug and sexual habits, Jones talks about a child forced to wrestle a bear cub, and the guys discuss how people can be so different simply based on their place of birth.


39:37 – As the guys continue their discussion on the differences between north and southsiders they expand the conversation to include European perceptions of the United States of America.

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