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HushLoudly’s Jeri Bingham talks to who she calls the Fairy Godmother of Introverts . . . Susan Cain, the NY Times Bestselling author and legendary presenter whose TED Talk has been viewed 30 million times. Cain took center stage and changed the narrative for introverts with the release of her first book in 2012, and continues to educate the world, while empowering and celebrating introverts. In recognition of World Introvert Day, January 2, learn more about Susan Cain and how she shines light on what society sees as the quieter personality type.

Introverts are adventurous. Introverts are funny. Introverts can be social…when we want to be! Join the conversation around one of the most misunderstood personality types to learn what makes us tick and why we are incredible to partner with at work, home and play. Check out HushLoudly: Introverts Redefined.

Celebrating the incredible world of introverts…