Quin Ryan Photo Gallery

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  • Quin Ryan
  • Every night at 10:00, "Uncle Quin" would read news, comics and ads from the next day's Chicago Tribune.
  • A collection of 1920s celebrities gathered around a WGN microphone for a chat: (L-R) All-American halfback Benny Friedman; Count Felix Luckner, "The Sea Devil;" Chicago Tribune foreign correspondent Floyd Gibbons; Quin Ryan; and Frank Willard, of Moon Mullins.
  • Moments after the conclusion of the race, Quin Ryan prepares to talk with the winner of the 1927 Indianapolis 500, George Souders.
  • Before the famous 1927 Dempsey-Tunney fight: (L-R) Dempsey manager Leo Flynn, Chicago Mayor William Hale Thompson, Jack Dempsey, Quin Ryan, promoter George Getz, and Tex Rickard.
  • Quin Ryan (L) interviews cartoonist Sidney Smith, creator of Andy Gump.
  • Quin Ryan at the WGN microphone during a broadcast of a Michigan vs. Minnesota football game.
  • Quin Ryan (far right) at the 1928 G.O.P. Convention. Others in the booth include the Chicago Tribune's Genevieve Forbes Herrick and Arthur Sears, political reporters Arthur M. Evans and Oscar Hewitt, and WGN Radio's Carl Meyers and Frank P. Schreiber.
  • In the publicity photo above, Quin Ryan is at the microphone with Shirley Bell as "Little Orphan Annie" and Allan Baruck as "Joe Corntassel" with their arms on Ryan's shoulders
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