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Cody and Jon attempt to explain F-Zero after playing it on the SNES Classic, despite not really caring at all about racing games. They also finally give an update on what’s going on in their lives, for once!

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Show Notes:

  • Cody and Jon try to stumble through a review of F-Zero, despite the fact that racing games aren’t their “thing”
  • Jon is curious about what Cody has to say regarding the game’s “interesting mechanics,” and both of them find the game strangely entertaining, despite the fact that they agree that the game is relatively “bad”
  • Jon discusses his favorite terrible games: Twisted Tales of Spike McFang, X-Men for the Sega Genesis, and Sewer Shark for the Sega CD
  • After an in-depth discussion, play along with some F-Zero trivia!
  • Cody gives a “Life Stuff” update and discusses how he’s now hosting a daily podcast for, which you can listen to as an Alexa Flash Briefing skill on your Amazon Echo device
  • Jon helped AC from Game/Life Balance Australia get Cody a belated wedding gift, which Cody thinks is SERIOUSLY THE COOLEST THING EVER, and he genuinely thanks him for the incredible present
  • Cody and Jon briefly discuss Avengers: Infinity War, the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Movie, the new season of Arrested Development, and a few other movies/TV shows that are on their radar these days
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