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This podcast is your one-stop shop for hearing the April Fool’s Day hijinks that Brian Noonan and his producer, Cody Gough, got into on the biggest prank day of the year.

To kick off the show, Cody Gough announces that he’s going to host the program because Brian was “let go” from the station earlier in the day. He conveniently recorded Brian in a studio while he was on the phone with management, plays back the audio multiple times, and takes a few calls about the change.

After talking to the Insatiable Insomniacs (C.B. and Double D) and producer Christy, former regulars on the old WGN Overnight with Brian Noonan program, Cody teases some new segments, including Dubstep Hour, Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes, and Googling Plural Words.

Cody then kicks off a special edition of “Florida News” featuring stories he hand-picked for the new “brand” of the show. Suddenly, after the break, Brian mysteriously continues Cody’s brand-new edition of Florida News with some hilarious stories from Florida.

Then, rather than explain what just happened (which you can hear in the uncut full-length recording of this broadcast), this podcast cuts to the first segment of the 6:00 hour, in which Cody, Brian, and newsman Roger Badesch trade roles in a strange temporary brain swap that will leave your ears scrambled.

To wrap up the segment, one member of the crew calls out another for “breaking character” and everyone has a good laugh to close the show and end the April Fool’s hijinks for 2018.