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It’s a story of the American dream that you maybe didn’t know. In this episode, I interview John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems Hair Care Products and Patron Tequila.  Literally from rags to riches, John Paul went from foster care as a child and a door-to-door salesman to one of the wealthiest men in America with one of the biggest hearts.

You will hear first-hand John Paul’s dedication to giving back and making a difference and how he changed the hair-care industry. Not by making incredible products, although he did that and I know because I use them, but because he refused to do animal testing. Standing up to an industry that was bent on animal experimentation despite not being necessary, John Paul paved the way for what we have now: California, Nevada and Illinois have banned animal testing for cosmetics.

Please listen in and share this podcast. For anyone who may feel jaded that the world is intractable, you will want to hear this interview and be inspired that people still care, people still make a difference and, whether you have a gazillion dollars or not, you can, too.

Entrepreneurs be forewarned! John Paul drops a few bombs of powerful advice! And lovers of life – you won’t believe the philanthropy news JP lays down here.

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