Jim Turano 11.17.17: Legalizing Pot, Nativity Sets, Pop Culture Club

Elton Jim’s Captain Pod-tastic

Elton Jim Turano’s Captain Pod-Tastic

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Jim Turano (in for Nick Digilio) kicks off the show talking about the new Christmas decorations he brought in studio and laying out the show. His first topic is about legalizing marijuana and how craft beer and riverboats may offer some idea of pot’s future.

In hour two Jim asks if it’s too early to decorate the inside of his house with Christmas decorations and then shares his fun Nativity set tradition which listeners’ then add to. He then welcomes Mick Kahler for another edition of Pop Culture Club. They begin by talking about the celebrities accused of heinous acts and if you can still enjoy their work.

Hour three features the conclusion of that conversation and then a look at this year’s nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jim then concludes the show a few thank yous and the reason he likes this shift.

[audio http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3426311/3426311_2017-11-17-083211.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3779.mp3]

‘Elton Jim’ Turano’s ‘Captain Pod-tastic’

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