Travis Clark is heading back to ‘The Jack’ World Championship Invitational BBQ

Dane Neal
Trophy Barrel Heads at “The Jack” pic courtesy of Dane Neal

World Champion Pitmaster of Clark Crew BBQ, Travis Clark joins WGN’s Dane Neal while “On The Road” and heading to Lynchburg. Hear as Travis shares his experience winning the world’s top competition and looking forward to being back at The Jack and defending his title. Travis tells us why The Jack is so special and how the entire BBQ community is thankful to have it happening again for the first time since the pandemic. Listen as Travis fills us in on his transition to top restaurateur and about combining his talent with the great team at BBQ Holdings to create Clark Crew BBQ. Clark Crew BBQ has become the highest grossing restaurant in Oklahoma and Travis talks about the process of fine tuning the taste focus from judges to the general public and making a menu that has something for everyone. Stay tuned to see if Travis Clark can take the title twice against all the amazing teams at the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational BBQ and go to for more information. To see him in person, in Oklahoma with his restaurant team at Clark Crew BBQ, check out

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Dane Neal

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