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Cooper’s Hawk founder Tim McEnery and Chef Tom Colicchio

Top Chef star and acclaimed Chef and restaurateur, Tom Colicchio joins Dane Neal on WGN Radio. Hear as Tom fills us in on the collaboration with the Cooper’s Hawk team and his signature dishes for the new “Visiting Chef Series” menu as Esquire opens this week. Chef Colicchio shares excitement for his visit to Chicago and getting out again to travel for one of the first times since the pandemic. During his trip, Chef Colicchio visited some great friends in food like Chef Grant Achatz and Top Chef alumni and champions Joe Flamm at Rose Mary and Stephanie Izard at Girl & the Goat. Hear as Chef Colicchio talks about his ongoing efforts to support the restaurant industry and great causes at the local, national and global level even through the pandemic. Tom also gives a little insight to his latest book in the works and the inspirations behind it. The Visiting Chef Series menu, featuring Chef Tom Colicchio will be at Esquire by Cooper’s Hawk until May 21st, and for information on dishes and more go to To keep up with Chef Tom Colicchio for Top Chef TV, podcasts, projects and more, visit