Tim Scheer and Brad Leighninger are leading the ‘League’ in BBQ for 2022

Dane Neal

Two of the biggest names and best Pitmasters in competitive BBQ joins Dane Neal on WGN Radio. Hear as Brad Leighninger of “Gettin’ Basted” and Tim Scheer of “Shake N Bake” BBQ share their start in BBQ and the journey to becoming two of its top stars and ambassadors. Listen as they fill us in on the Genesis for The BBQ League and the mission of making great BBQ moments attainable for the members and the masses through videos, workshops and teachable tips. The future of BBQ is bright for 2022 and for information on the League, events, entertainment, products and more check out https://www.thebbqleague.com/

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Dane Neal

Dane Neal is a host and creator of both local and national radio and TV programs, award winning podcasts and food, travel and motorsports features having aired on hundreds of stations for over 20 years. Click for more.