Sunny Anderson shares the ‘Chocolate Meltdown’ happening at Hershey Park this Halloween

Dane Neal

Host Sunny Anderson, as seen on Chocolate Meltdown at Hershey Park, Season 1.

Food Network host and star Sunny Anderson joins Dane Neal “On the Road”. Hear as Sunny shares her new show “Chocolate Meltdown Hersheys After Dark” and excitement for the kickoff coming up. Listen as Sunny fills us in on judges Maneet Chauhan and Ralph Attanasia and the spooky fun with teams creating and competing for prizes money, bragging rights and a year’s worth of chocolates and candy. Sunny talks about the setting in Hershey Park and the challenges, clues, rides and crazy fun all set with the Halloween backdrop on Food Network. Tune in starting Sept 27th and for more information check out

Hershey, Pennsylvania – November 3, 2017: Visitors entering the immense Hershey’s Chocolate World super store

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Dane Neal

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