Ryan Rottman and Aaron Rodgers bring star power to stats and sports with “OSDB”

Dane Neal

Actor, producer and co-founder of OSDB Sports joins Dane Neal on WGN Radio. Hear as Ryan shares the inspiration behind the concept and partnership with his friend and all time great NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Listen as Ryan talks about the ways the “Online Sports Data Base” will bring athletes and fans together with all the information about stars and teams from stats to social media, sponsors and more. Stay tuned to OSDB throughout the NFL playoffs and into 2022 as they add an app, more sports, athletes and ways to connect. For more information and all the action check out https://www.osdbsports.com/

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Dane Neal

Dane Neal is a host and creator of both local and national radio and TV programs, award winning podcasts and food, travel and motorsports features having aired on hundreds of stations for over 20 years. Click for more.