Daughter of the Tree – By Rev Dele

Rev Dele joins Vince Davis and Dane Neal on Preparedness Matters.

By now most people are familiar with the practical aspects of preparing for disasters, however, little attention is given to the spiritual connections of addressing the environment, climate change, and our journey as spiritual beings to connect with preparedness in a ‘new’ normal.  

Several years ago, Vince Davis had the privilege of meeting and working closely with an amazing teacher and spiritual leader Reverend Dele.  

As social and weather climates intensify, she is leading a pathway through the eye of the storm for thriving in the next dimension with Earth. 

As a grandmother, theologian, and permaculture professor, in a time when we are all doused with waves of rage, Rev Dele’s soil and souls journey shares stories and songs that lead you to that space of inner peace and spiritual clarity — when we redeem the soil, we also redeem our own souls.

In this week’s Preparedness Matters Podcast, we talk candidly with this renaissance woman who has lived, worked, and preached on the prophetic edge of social change throughout the world for more than four decades. 

We discuss Rev Dele’s most recent children’s book Daughter of the Tree, chronicling Sojourner Truth’s spiritual formation in nature. 

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