Formula 1 Senior Logistics Coordinator Christian Pollhammer and Paul Fowler, Vice President Global Motorsports for DHL, join Dane Neal live from the track before the inaugural Miami Grand Prix for Formula 1. Hear as Paul and Christian share the challenges of bringing the global sport and all the moving parts together race after race in the face of the pandemic and expanding schedules as Formula 1 gains popularity in America. Christian and Paul both share the deep commitment to sustainability for Formula 1 and DHL and how between 2030 and 2050 both will be carbon neutral. The sold out Miami Grand Prix for Formula 1 will be ready for the drivers, teams, nearly 100,000 in attendance and millions watching around the world on Sunday, but the “Race Behind the Race” is already won this week and everytime, everywhere as the Formula 1 and DHL logistics teams work together to make it happen. For more information on the races, drivers, merchandise and more, check out

Formula 1 team cars and equipment delivered to the track in advance of the inaugural Miami Grand Prix – all photos/Dane Neal WGN Radio

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