Mark Crames is making CRAZY creative colognes like “Zombie”, perfumes like “Puppy’s Breath” and so much more

Dane Neal

Puppys Breath by Demeter

Demeter CEO Mark Crames joins Dane Neal to share the latest, greatest and always unique fragrances they are creating and bringing to market. Hear how the business that brought you the basics like “Grass” and “Dirt” has evolved to be the Go-to place for the essences of our favorite foods, movies and even pets! Listen as Mark fills us in on the science, creative process and on some all time favorites…as well as some he’d like to forget…plus the newest (and cutest) addition to the collection “Puppy’s Breath”.

For more information on the over 300 fragrances in the library check out:

Dane Neal

Dane Neal is a host and creator of both local and national radio and TV programs, award winning podcasts and food, travel and motorsports features having aired on hundreds of stations for over 20 years. Click for more.
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