Former NFL player, business leader and founder of El Bandido Yankee Tequila, Jim Bob Morris joins Dane Neal on WGN Radio. Hear as Jim Bob shares excitement for National Tequila Day happening on July 24th with celebrations continuing through the end of July. Jim Bob fills us in on the trajectory of Tequila in the market today and how El Bandido Yankee is growing fast and expanding to 17 states and counting with as many as 30 possible by year’s end. Listen as Jim Bob talks about great ambassadors in the El Bandido family making news like UFC Contender Dustin Jacoby and NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle star “Flyin” Ryan Oehler. Jim Bob shares the way “Startenders” behind the bar all over are creating new and different cocktails all the time and how Chefs are pairing more foods with tequila than ever before. National Tequila Day features El Bandido Yankee events and special across the country, and in Chicago, be sure to check out Bar Takito on Sat July 23rd, and events at Logan 11 and Mercadito on July 24th with drink specials and signature cocktails.
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